(Assessment Period 1stApril, 2017 to 31st March, 2018)


IMAGES RETAIL TECHNOLOGY AWARDS recognize excellence in Technology deployment. At IMAGES, with our stated mission of being a catalyst for profitable retail, we know that technology today deserves stand-alone status as both a key challenge and facilitator for consumer-facing businesses.


(The entrant can participate in more than one award category if qualifies as per eligibility criteria and meets the definition of concerned award category)


IRTA Nomination Process & Schedule


  1. IRTA nomination categories and entry details are announced through the IRTA website, Magazine ads, a personalized electronic campaign and tele-calling to prospective nominees in all proposed categories.  
  2. Awards details and nomination forms can be downloaded from IRTA website or IRTA Secretariat can be approached for the same.
  3. Retailers are required to submit nominations with processing fee, details and supporting material – latest by Friday 17th August, 2018. Submission of nominations includes:
  4. ♦ e-filling of nomination forms (duly signed word doc with company seal and nomination in excel files)
    ♦ Sharing links for uploaded PPT’S for jury presentation

  5. Nomination forms are checked by the IRTA audit team for eligibility, completeness and data correctness. Nominees may be asked to rectify mistakes, if found any, and also provide supporting documents – wherever required.
  6. The applications will go through two rounds of Jury. All entries will first be scrutinized by independent juries that will shortlist the top three entries in each category. A final jury will then again review the shortlisted entries and determine the winners based on the presentation of their business case.
  7. The combined jury verdict will ultimately decide the finalists and the “MOST ADMIRED” among all.
  8. Jury and the organizers have the right to decide on the final categories to be awarded, renaming the titles, clubbing the categories and moving nominations to a category other than the category originally filed in – wherever required.
  9. Minimum 3 valid nominations are required per category, else the award may be withheld and same will be communicated to the nominees. In such cases presentations of nominees will be uploaded on IRTA website.

    Eligibility Criteria for participation in the Awards

  1. The participating organization or person (Indian or Foreign) should have a registered presence in India.
  2. The Initiative should be partly or completely executed in the Indian operations of the Applicant
  3. The Applicant should have at least 2 years of operation of business in India.
  4. The activity presented by the applicant should be in the financial year 2016-17 viz – 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018.

The coveted IRTA trophies will go to the best among the top performers. The final names will be announced at the glittering IRTA ceremony, on 5th September 2018, Hotel Renaissance, Mumbai.



  • The first slide to mention:
    • Award Category
    • Nominee’s name
  • Following slides to give details with visuals of required informationin the nomination form without contact details
  • The PPT can include graphs, tables & pictures.

Processing fee per entry*:

A processing fee of Rs.5,000 + tax per nomination will be charged by the organisers.


Remittance details:

All processing fee with the above offered terms may be made through Cheque drawn in Favour of
“RELX IPL – India Retail Forum – MAPIC ” 

or through online transfer to our bank account as per the under mentioned details

A/c Name: RELX IPL – India Retail Forum – MAPIC
Bank Name: CITI BANK
Current A/c No: 0007050259
Bank Address: Citibank , (New Delhi)
Citi Bank NA, Ist Floor, DLF Capitol Point, Kharak Singh Marg, New Delhi-110001
*The processing fee will be non refundable.



Please provide complete information and submit the form by FRIDAY 24th AUGUST 2018 to:

Ritesh Pandey. Mobile: +91-9810613585 / Priti Gupta. Mobile: +91- 8826415472